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The FSA took on salt reduction as one of its first nutritional policies, and SACN was asked to review all evidence on salt 2003 SACN’s report on salt and health was published. CASH and FSA developed a salt reduction strategy 2005 FSA, with input from CASH, developed salt targets for 85 categories of food Salt reduction and iodine fortification strategies in public health Technical Consultation, 25 - 27 March 2013, Sydney, Australia Population sodium reduction strategies Scope and approach. In this review the numerous approaches for sodium reduction in processed foods are presented, highlighting: the reduction of salt level over time, the use of salt substitutes such as other metallic salts and the use of flavour enhancers such as monosodium glutamate or yeast extract. 2015-04-28 · The strategy was to set specific targets (around 10-20%) for the reduction of salt added to each of the 85 categories of food, to be achieved in four years. After two years, meetings would be held with the industry to review progress and set targets for another 10-20% reduction to be achieved two years after the previous targets.

Salt reduction strategies

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Led by the agency’s Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention, CDC is actively monitoring the following: Salt Reduction Strategies in Portuguese School Meals, from Pre-School to Secondary Education-The Eat Mediterranean Program Nutrients . 2020 Jul 24;12(8):2213. doi: 10.3390/nu12082213. Potential technologies for salt reduction based on repositioning of salt in food matrices or restructuring of salt crystals (in the case of salt as part of flavoring agents) have been developed recently. These technologies offer the advantage of reducing salt level with no impact on product labeling, as there is no alteration in the original formulation ingredients. In a study published in the British Medical Journal Open, researchers from Griffith's School of Medicine and the University of Oxford evaluated the health impacts and cost-effectiveness of three The cost–effectiveness of salt reduction strategies has also been highlighted.

Those with high blood pressure or who  Reducing Salt in Foods: Practical Strategies: Beeren, Cindy: Books.

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The goal of the initiative is to achieve consensus and commitment on salt reduction action from governments, industry and the general public. Victorians eat too much salt. Following WHO recommendations, the Chinese Government established salt reduction strategies with public education to improve people's understanding of the risks associated with diets rich in salt and encourage inviduals to adopt healthy diet habits.


A search of electronic peer-reviewed databases was conducted.

doi: 10.3390/nu12082213. Creating an enabling environment for population-based salt reduction strategies: report of a joint technical meeting held by WHO and the Food Standards Agency, United Kingdom, July 2010. 1.Sodium chloride, Dietary - adverse effects. 2.Sodium chloride, Dietary - administration and dosage. 3.Hypertension - prevention and control. 4.Nutritional requirements.
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2020 Jul 24;12(8):2213. doi: 10.3390/nu12082213.

According to a recent study conducted in the United States of America, a 3 g reduction in daily salt consumption was associated with a decrease in annual healthcare cost by US$10 billion to US$ 24 billion (10,17).
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• Förlusten av vatten och salt → blodförtjokning Effekt av prevention Implement routine risk reduction strategies (protection, cleaning,. acquisition is clearly aligned with our strategy of strengthening our po- 5 Reduction in overall consumption of salt and sugar from Orkla's food  Pulverkokain är faktiskt kokainhydroklorid, vilket är en vattenlöslig saltform av läkemedlet. Eftersom det Harm Reduction Strategies vid användning av kokain. INTEGRATING FLOOD RISK REDUCTION, RIVER BASIN AND RESILIENCE MANAGEMENT IN PLANNING.

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In effect,. The World Health Organization has recommended salt reduction as a “   Objective: To assess current salt| reduction policies in countries of the WHO. European Region against the backdrop of varying levels of human development.

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Conclusion. In this study, the applicability of six different strategies for sodium reduction in pizza crust without any toppings were evaluated. If we can reduce high blood pressure numbers, we can reduce global fatalities. Just a 10 percent reduction in sodium intake can prevent 500,000 strokes. 2. References. Zhang S, Wei M, Cao C, Ju Y, Deng Y, Ye T, Xia Z, Chen M. 2015.

Abstract. In an effort to reduce population-wide sodium intake from processed foods, due to major health concerns, several different strategies for sodium reduction in pizza crust without any topping were evaluated by sensory analyses.